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Hi and welcome to my blog. I appreciate you stopping by and very much appreciate all your comments that you are kind enough to leave. If you enjoy what you see, please add yourself to my list of followers or leave a comment. I am proud to be on the Design Team for Crafters Companion and regularly design for them, for their wonderful CD's as well as designing the Downloads of the Month. I hope that my blog inspires and helps you to create what ever it is you want to create. Hope to see you back here soon? Take care Nicki xXx

Saturday, 28 February 2009

What have i been doing today?

Not alot! LOL
been shopping this morning! YAWN exciting or what? been trawling through the mountain of washing in the kitchen.... will it ever end? i dont think so!
I have been cutting out my new stamps tho, ready to do some serious stamping with them, i cant wait to have a play with them, although with the amount of rubber i'm cutting off, and being a crafter.... im wondering if there is a use for all this excess rubber? or maybe melt it down and make new stamps? must get out more i think? LOL
other than that, quite non descript day, not alot of excitement going on, have been updating webpage and my blog with a few bits n bobs, but nothing major exciting! did get a beautiful bunch of flowers delivered yesterday from work though which was really lovely and made me feel bit spesh, coz i been off poorly, so that made my day yesterday. Other than that, will continue to cut out my stamps and once i have made a creation.... you will be the first to see it.
Have nice weekend everyone.

Friday, 27 February 2009

What type of flower am i???

I am a

What Flower
Are You?

What type of flower are you?

You Are a Snapdragon
"Mischief is your middle name, but your first is friend. You are quite the prankster that loves to make other people laugh."


Jeannette has some blog candy up for grabs! yumyum!!!! love candy!
to be in with a chance follow the link to Jeannette's blog.

Some of my latest...

As promised, here are some of my latest creations, not sure if all of them will go on? will see what i can do...
These were for the monthly downloads i designed for Crafters Companion
I personally like this set as i think it is so feminie and pretty. I hope you like it too?

Samples for the Vintage times CD by Crafters Companion

Tagged by Anne!

Right, i have been tagged by Anne it's a tag with a difference i have to go into my picture file and open the 6th folder and pick the 6th photo then tag 6 others
here goes.........eeek! lets hope its not a freaky pickie! LOL
Phew! could have been worse! lol
Hubby and daughter on Hols last year, and yep, we were camping! at least he's happy eh?

Another Award!

Would just like to say thank you to Tina, for this award and for her support recently! thanks mate xxx
Id also like to thank Von for the same and also lovely comments too, thanks mate xxx
Anne, who also leaves me fab comments, thank you xxx
Rachel for her lovley comments too and fab blog may i add!
and last by no means least Jane also for her lovley comments.
Thank you to all of you and everyone else i may have forgot, to take the time to view my blog.
Take care
PS thanks too for the nominations/awards, it means alot THANK YOU XXX
My Award

I have been awarded this by Yvonne and just wanted to thank her for her kind words which are much appreciated, thanks mate xxx
I will now award this to Yvonne as she is a brill mate and always there for me and i wanted to thank her for that and lending an ear in times of need and also to say that her creations are fab. xXx
Secondly i would like to award it to Tina who also is a fab mate and also there always, also a fellow designer for Crafters Companion as i am. Her work is also fab and i am sooo jealous of her latest purchases! enjoy them Tina, cant wait to see what you create with them xXx
Thirdly, erm, Sally, her works of art are fab! and she is a lovley person, keep up the good work, enjoy seeing what you have been up to! xxx
fourth, Jeannette who has a fab blog and also does some wonderful work. xxx
Fitfth - Anne, who is always there for the forum and for all your help, she is fab! and is a fab mate too.
Lastly, and by no means least, i would like to nominate Pat, also a fellow designer for Crafters Companion and can i say your blog is looking fab and you have also been working really hard, love what you have been doing, keep up the good work too!
Lastly, id just like to say a big thanks to everyone for the support and lending ear through my times of need, which appear to have been numerous lately! so thank you and lots of love

Thursday, 26 February 2009

Sorry I havent been about...

Sorry i havent been about, i had bit of a bad time with one thing and another lately, dont really want to go into it all....... but im ok and on the mend!
Been crafting lots one way or another, designing the monthly downloads and making samples as well as crafting full stop! and they right what they say, crafting does fix all problems!

Hubby been fab, took me to ExCel today and bought stash loads of goodies, cant wait to play! met Steph, Wendie Rhodes, as well as other demo people cant think for the life of me their names now! how rude of me! i can see their faces too! oh am so embarrased now!

anyway, will try and be good and continue with my postings and not slack....

hope everyone well?